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Curated from: A Clean Vision

A good plan and a clear budget for your time are invaluable in maintaining balance in your life.

There was a problem at the airport. Men were missing the urinals. This created a need to increase the cleaning budget to keep the bathrooms clean. The cleaning department decided to try an experiment and created a small sticker that looked like a fly. They placed this sticker in the urinal and located it where men were to aim. When men aimed at the bug, they created less splash-over as their aim was significantly better.

You can alter the spaces where you live and work to increase your exposure to a visual cue. You can also reduce your exposure to a negative cue. I know a smoker that likes to smoke while sitting on her back deck. Just going out on her back deck triggers her to smoke a cigarette. This is a bad habit.

Create good habit triggers and eliminate bad habit triggers.

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